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NFL Conference Championship games, new Power Rangers movie, Game of Thrones szn 6 recap

We only have three more football games left in the 2016 season. Let’s preview the AFC and NFC championship games, talk commercials during games, weird internet stories, new trailers for ‘Logan’ and another Power Rangers movie. Plus, I watched all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones in 17 days. Be sure to check out the end of the show where I talk about what a ride it’s been!

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Longtime GuysGirl writer Rob Lazlo has passed away

I don’t know how to start off an article like this because I’ve never been in this situation before–but yesterday, GuysGirl lost our long time lead writer, Rob Lazlo, due to ongoing health issues after open heart surgery in 2013. Rob started off with GuysGirl back in 2010 when were partnered with the blog network, Bloguin. He reached out on a message board looking for a place to share his work and he immediately found a home sharing his opinion on everything from sports to television and movies. His series were some of the most well-read and written articles...

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