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Why 2016 will be the year of the Female Gamer

The demographics in the gaming world are changing as female gamer stats reveal women become the majority, not the minority, sooner rather than later. Unless you spent 2015 living under a rock, you probably noticed that the gaming demographic has enjoyed a considerable evolution over the course of the last decade. During this time, female players and those of an older persuasion have become increasingly dominant, with the former demographic now apparently accounting for 52 percent of all players across multiple platforms. Given the stereotypical view of gamers as being adolescent or young male adults with minimal overheads and a...

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The Most Powerful Women Working for NFL Teams

After the NFL regular season ended, we started collecting data on the role of the woman within all aspects of the NFL. And when we were compiling the series, we discovered that while the majority of the NFL front offices remain a sausage fest, there exists a group of women who hold the most power in the NFL among teams… Cowboys Charlotte Jones Anderson appears to be the highest ranking exec on any NFL team that isn’t in line for ownership of the team (Colts). She is listed as Executive Vice President / VP of Brand Management / President...

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5.8 Million Women Are Playing Fantasy Football and That Number Looks to Grow [State of the NFL Female Fan]

After the NFL regular season ended, we started collecting data on the role of the woman within all aspects of the NFL. In this series we are going to explore the many varieties that make up the female NFL fan. In the first article, we covered the remarkably low number of women in an executive leadership role among NFL teams. and in the second article we looked at how the NFL is reaching out to the fanbase that makes up 45% of their viewership. Now we are looking at the role of fantasy football on this ever growing segment...

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