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Seeing Your Ex On Social Media Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

Social media can be a wonderful thing. It allows you keep in touch with people you realistically wouldn’t be able to by following their lives through pictures and a series of status updates. But part of those updates could include seeing your exes who have sometimes moved on to having spectacular, wonderful relationships, getting married and having babies while you’re still single. Which is why I like to call them social media jerks. Social media can be a crackpot of public love only in front of a camera of fake happiness and narcissistic intentions. I say this because I...

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Ok I’ve Joined a Fantasy Baseball League, Now How Do I Manage It?

The most common issue people have with fantasy baseball is that once you login and look at the team roster page,  you have zero clue as what to do from there. In this two part series, GuysGirl aims to show you how you can get a grasp on managing your fantasy baseball team in the first part of this series. First things first:  Learn the rules!  Learn the basics! If you are gona play, then you have to know how to win. Assuming you are playing the most common form of fantasy baseball  (10 team, 5×5 scoring) let’s go...

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