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TV Recap: Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Constantine

As I’ve said many times, for TV viewers, there’s been no better time to be a fan of horror, sci fi and fantasy. The quality of shows has never been higher, and the sheer volume of material to choose from is mind boggling.  But as with any trend, with the good comes the bad, and there are now so many horror shows you need a road map to stay out of schlocktown. The Walking Dead When it comes to epic horror/fantasy TV, there are really two gold standards, HBO’s Game of Thrones and AMC’s The Walking Dead.  And while...

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The Walking Dead, The Millers and Masters of Sex [Lazlo’s Clicker]

Just in time to get you over your Breaking Bad hangover, The Walking Dead returned to AMC for its fourth season, under the helm of new showrunner Scott Gimple. Usually, having three different execs in four seasons is the kiss of death for a show, but in the case of The Walking Dead, it’s actually helped keep the stories fresh, as each new head as imprinted his own vision on the apocalyptic future, while still being guided by the popular graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman. Season 4 presents new challenges for the survivors at the prison, and a...

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Lazlo’s Clicker: Walking Dead Finale, Doctor Who

HIGHLIGHTS This season of The Walking Dead has been building to a seemingly inevitable showdown between Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group at the prison and the Governor’s (David Morrissey) army at Woodbury. The finale then, both kept and broke that promise simultaneously, and, as always, kept The Walking Dead’s body count climbing, reiterating the show’s unofficial mantra, “no one is safe.” Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . image source The second half of The Walking Dead’s third season has been a bit uneven. The high points (the Clear episode, which brought back Lennie James as Morgan; the...

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Lazlo’s Clicker – Last Resort, Revenge, Emily Owens, MD

HIGHLIGHTS I keep waiting for ABC’s Last Resort to be as good as I’m sure it’s going to be.  It’s been four episodes.  I’m still waiting. Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . The promising premise:  the captain (Andre Bruagher) and crew of the nuclear submarine Colorado receive orders to fire their missiles at Pakistan under suspicious circumstances.  They ask for confirmation.  They get it.  They ask for an explanation.  They don’t get it.  Instead, they get fired upon by another U.S. ship and have to turn tail and run. They set up shop on a small...

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