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Mike Wilbon’s ‘mother’s basement blogger’ comment isn’t that big of a deal

In an issue close to my heart, the ladies of Helmets and Heels talk about Mike Wilbon’s “Mother’s basement bloggers” comment and how this reflects in the sports coverage we see today. For those that missed it and our debate on the topic on the latest Helmets and Heels (which you can listen to below), ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption started a bit of a controversy the other night when comments from a recent speaking event surfaced. Mike Wilbon’s Mother’s Basement Blogger comment: “What bugs me now is that people is that people sit in their mother’s basements and write...

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Why the Arizona Cardinals could beat the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are the best team in the NFC, right?  They’re undefeated, Cam Newton’s a great leader, their defense is tough… But not so fast. I’m not talking about the idiotic point spread on the Cowboys’ game (more on that below), I’m talking about the Arizona Cardinals, who might not be undefeated, but who would absolutely give Carolina a run for their money if they played, and for my money, would win that game. The Cardinals’ Carson Palmer (who just got some long awaited revenge on his old team – remember how petty THAT dispute got?) is having...

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Manning and Brady continue to deliver the goods

There are lots of years where the Super Bowl winds up being a bust.  Or where a highly anticipated showdown between two good teams turns into a blowout. But Manning v. Brady?  Sure seems like every time these two meet up, they deliver the goods. It didn’t look that way in the first half, of course, as Denver jumped out to a 24-0 lead.  But the Patriots scored 31 unanswered points to start the second half. That alone would have made for a remarkable game, but just to make it interesting, Manning tossed his second touchdown with 3 minutes...

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