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5 Times Taylor Swift just didn’t DGAF

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers on the planet. But outside of a perfectly crafted PR image are rare instances of her bold self. Here are 5 times Taylor Swift DGAF. Let’s talk T-Swift, shall we? Over time, the world has watched as she’s morphed from a cute up and coming country star to a loathed pop artist, then to her major brand changing current, fabulous, T-Swift self. The hair, the clothes, the celebrity boyfriend, and the squad has the masses hungry for her. Through all of this, the icon has proved time and time again...

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Police Officer recorded while singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’

Are you one of those people that can hear Taylor Swift’s super-catchy “Shake if Off” song a thousand times and never get sick of it? Well, you’re not alone (raises hand) because this officer at the Dover, Delaware Police Department was caught by the dash cam jamming out to T-Swift. Sure, it might be staged but it’s still entertaining to see a grown man loving every minute of “Shake it Off.” Because you all know you’ve done the same when no one was...

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Taylor Swift’s Singing Can Sound Like a Paper Towel Dispenser

Let me preface this with I absolutely love Taylor Swift. I have all of her albums and frankly don’t care that some of her songs are about her exes. But this rendition of Swift’s new song “I Knew You Were Trouble”  with the sound effect of an automatic paper towel roll added in as her voice is so spot on, I’m questioning my musical taste as we speak. Watch it below… via Richie...

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Taylor Swift Poses as Rapunzel for Disney Parks

A while back, we showed off a bunch of fantastic pictures taken by the gifted Annie Leibovitz of actors posing as classic Disney characters. Well, Disney can add another start to their resume because they just released a picture of super star Taylor Swift posing as the newer Disney Princess, Rapunzel from Tangled. In a shoot like this, Leibovitz takes great care in preparing the shot and has always captured the essence of Disney in it’s purest form. You can catch some of that behind the scenes...

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