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Counter Argument: No One Deserves To Be Voted Into the MLB Hall of Fame

The following was written by Lisa Chung to counter point the argument that the MLB SHOULD have voted in players from the steroid era. Read on to see why Lisa’s believes they SHOULDN’T be. Around 2pm on Wednesday the announcement was made that no one was voted into the MLB Hall of Fame. At first I was shocked but when I saw who was on the ballot and I started to understand why. First you have Barry Bonds, then you have Roger Clemens and lastly, you have the steroids era that comes along with that. True that Barry Bonds...

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The MLB Hall of Fame Can’t Have It Both Ways

For only the 3rd time in the last 53 years,  the Baseball Writers’ Association of America decided not to elect a single person into the MLB’s Hall of Fame. This action, or inaction, to exclude players from the steroid era is seen as a line in the sand for traditionalists that may or may not shape the way the future of voting is conducted for the most traditional sport in today’s age. Let’s put things in perspective, arguably the most star-studded ballot in MLB’s history did not give a single player 75% voting approval for the Hall of Fame: Barry...

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