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15 Songs Sports Has Ruined Forever

Music at sporting events is a given. But what happens when songs are played too often? Here are 15 songs sports has ruined. Whether you’re tailgating in the parking lot or cheering on a fight at a hockey game, music plays a big role in sports. Music is supposed to keep the crowd pumped and engaged with the events on the field. But what happens when sporting events ruin a song because they play it too much? So we gathered our internet friends and started to debate. Perhaps some of these songs were initially created as a sports anthem or...

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Chicago Blackhawks fans celebrate Stanley Cup win at home

The Chicago Blackhawks have won their third Stanley Cup in six seasons with a 4-2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. With this win, many say this solidifies the franchise as a modern-day dynasty in all of sports. While Chicago fans are accustomed to winning multiple Stanley Cups, the win earlier this week was the first at home with fans reacted appropriately. The only thing I noticed in the celebration was the lack of burning couches. Every major sports celebration needs a couple burning couches. I need burning couches. You need burning couches. We need burning couches. You have to admit,...

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This 2015 Stanley Cup Finals Commercial Will Give You the Chills

The 2015 Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday when the West Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks face off against the East Conference champions Tampa Bay Lightning. In typical hockey fashion, the NHL released a stellar promo video dubbed “What’s in a Name” based off those who will be engraved on Lord Stanley when the Finals are concluded. Narrated by actor and hockey fan Liev Schreiber, the video highlights the tremendous honor these guys have been fighting for since they were children to have their name placed alongside some of the greatest names to ever play the...

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