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Will Fox’s ‘Pitch’ Hit It Out Of the Park?

Yesterday, Fox announced a new show, coming to their network in 2016 as far as we know. ‘Pitch’ follows the story of Ginny Baker, the first female MLB player who will be played by Kylie Bunbury. The show will be executive produced by Dan Fogelman of ‘Cars’ fame and Rick Singer. There aren’t many casting details released yet, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, and Dan Lauria are all involved with the project. Here’s a look at the trailer! The trailer gets my hopes up for the show which is a double-edged sword honestly. While I trust the idea behind the show,...

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Helmets and Heels on how the NFL and MLB have evolved

The NFL and MLB have a slew of unwritten rules that affect the growth of the sport. But is it good for the evolution of the game? Listen as Helmets and Heels debate… My last 4 weeks: Camping at Ginnie Springs, Kentucky Derby, TPC and a weekend in Ormond Beach with the fam. But this weekend? I’m headed to Nashville for a bachelorette party with a dozen girls. I’m not sure if I’ll live blog the shenanigans like I did for Vegas, but I’ll be sure to share some good stories provided we all make it back alive with...

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15 Songs Sports Has Ruined Forever

Music at sporting events is a given. But what happens when songs are played too often? Here are 15 songs sports has ruined. Whether you’re tailgating in the parking lot or cheering on a fight at a hockey game, music plays a big role in sports. Music is supposed to keep the crowd pumped and engaged with the events on the field. But what happens when sporting events ruin a song because they play it too much? So we gathered our internet friends and started to debate. Perhaps some of these songs were initially created as a sports anthem or...

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A Cubs fan started the tradition of throwing home run balls back

When a pitch is crushed by the away team, why do some fans throw the home run baseball back? We dive into the historic tradition… The sun is shining bright, your beer is icy cold and the sound of the announcer is soothing as you sit down in your seat in the middle of a baseball game. All of a sudden, a loud crack of the bat and “Holy crap that ball is coming right for me.” You knock down the ball and pick it up before a mad rush of people start clamoring for the home run treasure....

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