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5 Big Winners of the NFL Offseason

During the offseason, we see major changes happening to teams around the NFL. Some teams gain value while some others exit the offseason as losers. The 2014 offseason has been one that included many significant changes. Several teams will now enter the upcoming season standing good odds to do better than they did last year. Let’s examine the 5 biggest winners of the offseason. New England Patriots Next season, the Patriots are going to be amazing. With the addition of WR Brandon LaFell, Tom Brady has his first solid threat since Wes Welker, and a healthy WR Danny Amendola...

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NFL Female Fan Series: Melysha with the Detroit Lions

By now, most NFL fans know of the enormous female following that the sport has. Which is why we at GuysGirl reached out via various social networks to recognize the  real female fans that are tailgating in the elements, attending the games and rooting their team on in good times and bad. Females all across the country have shared their stories on how they became a NFL fan, what their favorite moments have been watching their team and even if they could ever date a guy who wasn’t a football fan. Next up we have the host of Boston’s...

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The NFC North is 2nd best division in the NFL

If the NFC West isn’t the best division, then it’s the North, with four teams that could all make a playoff run (and one or two with bigger ambitions than that). Predicted Finish Chicago Bears (10-6) (3rd seed; NFC Divisional Round) Detroit Lions (10-6) (6th seed; NFC Wildcard Round) Green Bay Packers (9-7) Minnesota Vikings (7-9) Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . The Chicago Bears have been a bad luck team in recent years, so they’re due for a little good luck for a change.  They have the talent on offense, with Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte, to put up points.  They boast one of the best defensive secondaries in the NFL. This is not a perfect team by any stretch, but they’re good enough that if they catch a break they can certainly win this division. I’m looking for a bounce back year out of the Detroit Lions.  They have Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson and they’ve added Reggie Bush as an additional playmaker.  Their defense was middle of the pack in 2012, and unless there’s a big drop off, the benefit of a last place schedule will allow Detroit to win a lot more games in 2013. Green Bay has been the beast of this division for years, and they’re due for a setback.  Maybe Aaron Rodgers misses a month and they...

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