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How I Ridiculously Decided to Become a Fan of the Georgia Bulldogs [confessions]

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, also known as FL/GA, is held in my hometown of Jacksonville every year. Starting in your late teens, excuse me, “21 or older”, it’s known as the one weekend out of the year where you know what everyone is doing: Partying at the various tailgates on Saturday. I’ve always loved the all-day drinking and socializing event but being more of a pro sports fan, I’ve never had a horse in the race and frankly could care less who won the showdown. But growing up in Florida, you learn from an early age to...

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Can the SEC make it 8 in a row? Can anyone beat Alabama?

Alright, this is just getting ridiculous at this point. C’mon SEC, quit hogging all the championships and learn to share. C’mon, pass those trophies around. The SEC has dominated the college football world for almost a decade now, winning the past seven national championships. During the league’s incredible run, SEC teams have beaten champions from the Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac-10/12 as well as Notre Dame. Hell, the SEC even beat itself for a national title one year as both Alabama and LSU made the title game. About the only conference the league hasn’t beaten is the Mountain West. The SEC stands an excellent chance of running...

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