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Police Officer recorded while singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’

Are you one of those people that can hear Taylor Swift’s super-catchy “Shake if Off” song a thousand times and never get sick of it? Well, you’re not alone (raises hand) because this officer at the Dover, Delaware Police Department was caught by the dash cam jamming out to T-Swift. Sure, it might be staged but it’s still entertaining to see a grown man loving every minute of “Shake it Off.” Because you all know you’ve done the same when no one was...

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9 stand-up comedians that will make you cry with laughter

Performing a stand-up routine is something that comedians spend countless hours perfecting. So it’s always a special thing when they absolutely nail the routine and earn its spot in YouTube infamy. That exact question was posted to Reddit, “Which stand-up routine can successfully make you cry with laughter every single time?” The answers brought back some greats as well as new faces to the mix of 10minutes or less stand up routines that will have you all smiles. Check em’ out below… John Mulaney Why I Don’t Drink Anymore There’s Salt and Pepper Dinner also, but if you haven’t...

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Madden 25 commercial debuts and it’s pretty friggin’ great

The new Madden video game will release on August 27th and the game is getting much more buzz this year than in recent years. The improved gameplay is definitely worth noting but this year also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic franchise. To celebrate, EA put out the first commercial starring  Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch. Check it out below…  ...

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