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Random thoughts, best quotes, and more from Week 12

I didn’t think it would be possible this season for any division to sink below the depths of the dreadful AFC South, that hell hole of a football hades where teams with 2-7 records were still in contention.  The Tennessee Titans?!  Egads. But lo and behold, in the last couple of weeks, the Colts have turned things around and the incredibly bad Houston Texans have turned into the incredibly slightly above average Houston Texans.  Not only is the AFC South going to put an over .500 team in the playoffs, right now they’ve got an extra team in contention...

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NFL Teams That Screwed Up Their Playoff Chances

Is it just me, or does this happen every year?  Teams that have battled all season to put themselves in position to make the playoffs come up small in the final game or two. Look at the Eagles – they lost to a 3-win Washington team led by a quarterback their coach doesn’t want and a wide receiver the Eagles didn’t want. And how about the Baltimore Ravens? Houston is no tomato can, but Houston with Case Keenum at quarterback?  He wasn’t even on the roster in September. And the Buffalo Bills must be kicking themselves after watching a...

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NFL Teams That Sucked and Won or Were Great But Lost

Cleveland’s Josh Gordon finally returned to action Sunday and promptly caught 7 balls for 120 yards and was a big part of the reason the Browns were able to beat Atlanta. This just highlights that Gordon never should have missed more than one or two games.  Any semblance of an argument to the contrary, in light of the heinous behaviors the NFL has, to varying degrees, tolerated this season (how many games did Ray McDonald miss again?), is unadulterated bullshit. Put it another way:  your 3rd shoplifting offense is bad, it’s a problem, you should have known better.  But...

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Who’s Got the Edge In the Super Bowl MVP Race?

There’s only one Super Bowl, there will be only one winner, and  there will be only one player who wins MVP of the biggest game of the year (most likely, anyway.  There have been ties in the past).  Who will it be this year?  Here’s my list of the players in the running, in order of likelihood. Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . Joe Flacco – Quarterbacks are always the most likely choices to win.  Why Flacco over Kaepernick as the most likely?  One, despite being underdogs, I think the Ravens are going to win the...

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