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ICYMI: Vikings Player Treats Girlfriend to Cheap Valentine’s Date

Andrew Sendejo was a cheap Valentine date when he took his girlfriend to McDonalds.  Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and for some, this is one of the worst holidays of the year especially if you are pinching your pennies. There are the flowers, chocolates, not to mention the expensive dinner and that pretty blue box wrapped up in a bow many girls wanted when the 14th of February rolls around. But don’t expect all of that if you are dating Minnesota Vikings Safety Andrew Sendejo. According to his Twitter account, Sendejo and his lovely date ended up at...

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The biggest disappointments in the NFL

Through eight weeks of the NFL season there are still four undefeated teams. Naturally that means there are a lot of teams with poor records, more than usual. A few of those squads had high expectations coming into the year. Who are the biggest disappointments in the NFL? We give you our top six. Buffalo Bills The Bills sit at 3-4 going into their bye week. I touted them a couple of times during the offseason and when they were at full health they showed flashes of what they could be. But they are extremely injured, missing their best quarterback in Tyrod Taylor,...

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Chip Kelly: Brilliant mad scientist or crazy person?

We’re four weeks into the NFL season, and one of the league’s most controversial figures (behind Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick) is under the microscope — Chip Kelly. In an eventful offseason, Kelly made headlines with big traders that were exciting for some but head-scratchers for most. From day one, we knew Chip Kelly would be on the hot seat if his extreme moves didn’t pan out, but how is he doing so far — brilliant, mad scientist or just a crazy person? Argument: Chip Kelly Is a Brilliant Mad Scientist Chip Kelly came into the NFL to prove that he...

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USC hopes to get blind long snapper Jake Olson into game

With no shortage of negative stories surrounding college football and sports in general, it’s always nice to see some positive news. The University of Southern California (USC) football team has welcomed a blind long snapper onto their football team. Freshman Jake Olson is a long snapper attending USC on a special scholarship for disabled athletes. He’s started to participate in practice and head coach Steve Sarkisian is hoping to get him into actual game action at some point during the season. Olson is a longtime supporter of the Trojans’ football program. As a child, he would frequently attend USC games and practices...

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Who are the 2015 NFL playoff darkhorse teams?

It seems that every season there is one or two teams that get into the playoffs that didn’t make it the year before, or hadn’t been in a while. Last season the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers all made that list. Here are some candidates for the 2015 NFL playoff darkhorse teams. Kansas City Chiefs The Chiefs finished last season just a game out of the Wild Card game. With one of the top backs, leading the history of the NFL in yards-per-game in Jamaal Charles, and the addition of Jeremy Maclin, they have a...

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