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Are NHL Ice Girls Good or Bad for the League?

The debate on the need for NHL ice girls has been increasing since the season started because of negative press around sexism and  unprofessional treatment towards these women. For those unaware, “ice girls” are a form of cheerleading and they’re utilized during the game to provide general entertainment and to clean the excess ice that forms on the rink in between plays. #456055772 / gettyimages.com Sure, their outfits are usually scantily clad and revealing, but are ice girls different from other cheerleaders in the sports industry? The NBA employs dancers. The NFL has cheerleaders. All with outfits that have...

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Why I use birth control: 7 year old Jets fan fights with Bucs fan

New York fans, especially Jets fans, are known to be obnoxious. But when a video was taken from the game Sunday of a 7-year old taunting an adult Bucs fan, I don’t think many people thought this kind of aggression would start at such a young age. While listening to this kid shout “IN YOUR FACE” repeatedly, I can’t help but picture him getting punched in the face in a good 5 years for saying that to someone his own age who doesn’t think “it’s cute”. Watch the video of the little jerk below…. Via The Big Lead...

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