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He Who Sucks The Least: NFC East 2014 Preview

It’s back!  Even though this appears to be the year the NFL will do everything in its power to destroy its popularity (Wildly inconsistent discipline!  Rule changes NO ONE asked for!  Punish defenses the year after the passing TD record got broken! Let’s all kiss Dan Snyder’s ass!) I’m sure we’ll all forget the stuff they’re doing once the action on the field gets going. Except in the NFC East that is, yuck! Once again this is football’s worst division, and I can sum up my prediction in a few short sentences: 1)  Eagles QB Nick Foles can’t be...

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Can Eli Manninng Bounce Back From an Awful 2013 Season?

Things could have gone better for Eli Manning in 2013 and that right there, is an understatement. Manning threw an NFL-leading 27 interceptions against just 18 TD’s last season. The QB’s completion percentage of 57% was his worst in 6 seasons and the Giants toiled under .500 for the first time since Manning became the full-time starter in 2005. Granted, the offense was devout of big name stars outside of Manning but elite quarterbacks help their teammates rise to the occasion. And for the first time in his career, Manning was looked at as the cause of the problems...

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NFL Players Loves Cursing. Except Eli Manning.

During the Superbowl, many athletes from all sports flocked to New Orleans to take in the Big Easy and it’s culture. While in Nola, Maxim magazine thought it would a brilliant idea to film current and past NFL players while asking what their favorite swear word is. Some answers were short, some were long and others included multiple swear words in one sitting by guys like Shawne Merriman, Josh Cribbs, Mark Sanchez and more. But there was one NFL player that stood out like a sore thumb by not using an actual curse word. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising...

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