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Destiny Review: Does Bungie Deliver?

Destiny is one of the most highly-anticipated and ambitious games of the year. The latest sci-fi epic from Bungie comes with plenty of hype as the creators of the Halo franchise promised something unlike we have ever seen before with a huge, solar system-spanning story and unprecedented social interaction. Destiny is set in a future where humanity is struggling for its very existence against an evil known as The Darkness. Eons before, an alien object known as The Traveler was discovered on Mars, ushering in the Golden Age of humanity, where mankind spread throughout the solar system until The Darkness arrived and triggered a...

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Bungie is Forging a New Destiny

Despite creating one of the most legendary franchises in gaming history, Bungie has been laying low for the past couple of years. After the release of Halo: Reach, the company gained independence from Microsoft while stewardship of Halo, Bungie’s baby, went to 343 Industries. So what has Bungie been up to? Just creating their own Destiny, that’s all. Bungie’s next project, known as Destiny, has been officially revealed. More ambitious than Halo: Combat Evolved, Destiny is a “shared world shooter”. Think MMORPG meets first-person shooter. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Destiny features the remnants of humanity struggling to survive after...

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