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The danger of how the media covered Ryan Lochte’s Olympic mess

During a regular segment on Helmets and Heels dubbed ‘Studs and Duds’, the issue of how Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been portrayed were on full display. And if you knew the facts of the story ahead of time, the power of pitchfork social media can be scary. I pride myself on listening to a variety of daily sports podcasts across multiple networks in order to get a well-rounded scope of current topics. So when the Ryan Lochte story of vandalism, lying and disrespecting another country broke last week, it caused an initial feeling of embarrassment and head shaking....

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A Cubs fan started the tradition of throwing home run balls back

When a pitch is crushed by the away team, why do some fans throw the home run baseball back? We dive into the historic tradition… The sun is shining bright, your beer is icy cold and the sound of the announcer is soothing as you sit down in your seat in the middle of a baseball game. All of a sudden, a loud crack of the bat and “Holy crap that ball is coming right for me.” You knock down the ball and pick it up before a mad rush of people start clamoring for the home run treasure....

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Helmets and Heels debate walk up songs and dumb baseball terms

Helmets and Heels were live on location where an interesting debate about dumb baseball terms was started that led to an intense Twitter debate. This week’s Helmets and Heels show started off so nice. We talked March Madness, interviewed Jaguars center Luke Bowanko and even hit on our studs and duds of the week. But when we started talking baseball walk-up songs, it all went to hell. If you’re a baseball stud, what would your walk-up song be? — Helmets & Heels (@HelmetsandHeels) March 22, 2016 It was this topic that led to “let’s teach Amanda some baseball terminology...

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Every team cheats and athletes are not your role models

For the second year in a row, the offseason story line following the Super Bowl isn’t focused on the winning team’s performance but rather the credibility, or lack there of, with another future Hall of Fame quarterback. Which begs the question: Should we stop looking at athletes and sports franchises as our moral compass in society? If your answer is no, then I now ask “Why do you think professional athletes and franchises owe you anything?” You’ve likely heard about the 20-year-old story that surfaced over the weekend involving soon-to-be retired Peyton Manning in which he “mooned” a female...

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Helmets and Heels ask ‘Would you root for your girlfriend’s favorite sports team?’

How soon would you expect a guy to support his girlfriend’s sports team by jumping on the bandwagon? The latest Helmets and Heels discusses just that and the responses may surprise you. An interesting topic was started on this week’s show where girls and guys were asked if they would support their significant others favorite team if they didn’t have a dog in the race. And the answers you hear are surprising. If your girlfriend was a diehard fan and you had no dog in the race, would you jump on her team's bandwagon? — Helmets & Heels (@HelmetsandHeels)...

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