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The Flip Side comedy series swaps gender roles, tackles concept of ‘sexy’

In another version of our favorite role reversal team, The Flip Side comedy series takes a look at what traditional gender roles in society deem as “sexy” in their newest video. In the past, The Flip Side comedy series has seen role reversals for women at the gym, dating, football season and more. But the concept of what is sexy to man vs. a woman is another video to add to our favorites. Check it out...

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Hawks Try Their Hand at Matchmaking with ‘Swipe Right’ Night

NBA team Atlanta Hawks recently treated fans to a “Swipe Right” Night promotion during their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase, “swipe right” is used on the dating app Tinder. If you see a profile you like, you swipe right for a yes and for anyone you don’t care for, you swipe left for no. Although it may seem strange, “Swipe Right” Night was a hit and went well for a few of the fans. Here’s how it all went down: The night started off with roses for the...

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Guy picks up girls on Tinder by beating them in Connect Four

When it comes to the dating app Tinder, you usually get one shot to impress your matches with a clever pickup line. But this guy has changed the game with his opening introduction as he challenges his lady friends with a game of Connect Four. Using emojis, he sends the game already making the first move. The girls respond with their own moves and it continues back and forth until a winner is determined. When he wins he then uses the line “Well since I won, you now have to give me your phone number.” And it works. Every....

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Dating For Single Female Sports Fans Is Harder Than You Think

Back when I was a part of the “serious boyfriend” club, friends of my guy would say “Man you’re so lucky your girlfriend likes sports. I would love to be able to watch a game with a girl and not have to explain everything.” Hearing this would usually equal a “ohhhh stop” type of response. That was until I was forced to actually step back out in the dating world and discovered how difficult it can be for a female sports fanatic… Every guy should know basic sports knowledge I know this sounds just as sexist as if the...

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