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NFL storylines for Week 3

Most of the talk around the NFL is about the surprise 0-2 teams. It’s still extremely early in the season and many of these squads will turn it around. The Seahawks are already getting Kam Chancellor back from his holdout. In a text to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith he said he has to finish the mission they started two years ago. It’s a weird time for “cave in” because at 0-2 and with the secondary giving up unusual big plays, you would think he had all the leverage on Seattle. Regardless, they get the Bears and Lions next and...

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The best Week 1 NFL games

It may only be the second week of preseason football, but we’ve got your best NFL games to watch in Week 1 of the 2015 regular season. For the most part, the same loaded contenders from last season have only improved but these same teams will be in tough spot to start the season. Here are the best Week 1 NFL games for the 2015 regular season! 1. New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers If you haven’t heard, you must have been living under a rock — there’s a good chance Tom Brady will miss the start of the season....

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3 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks You Need to Target

Every fantasy season, many make the mistake of picking up a quarterback with a lot of hype surrounding them, such as RGIII or Johnny Manziel, and ignore the quarterbacks who they should really be taking. Don’t make that mistake this fantasy season. Let’s take a look at the most valuable fantasy quarterbacks for 2014… Peyton Manning – The Denver Broncos Was there ever any doubt that Peyton Manning would be at the top of this list? Last season, the increasingly older quarterback blew away the competition with potentially the best NFL season by a quarterback, ever. Next season, this...

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Playoff Preview: Broncos vs. Chargers

Do you believe in the power of the bolo tie? If you do, do you also believe in Phillip Rivers? Or do you just believe in Western wear? In any case, Chargers’ QB Phillip Rivers and his bolo tie (and the San Diego Chargers) are headed east on Sunday to face off with the Denver Broncos. The winner will earn a spot in the AFC Championship game. And whether or not you believe in the powers of a braided leather necktie, I guarantee you believe in the power of Peyton Manning. For the third time in two months, future Hall...

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Playoff Preview: Colts vs. Patriots

While it’s probably the most unsurprising playoff pairing this year, this Saturday’s AFC Divisonal matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots – as history proves – is sure to be a show. I love games like this, when a veteran quarterback (Pats’ Tom Brady) goes up against a young-but-confident quarterback (Colts’ Andrew Luck). Playoff games typically feature two seasoned QBs (ex, last time’s Brady vs. Peyton Manning), but this year it’s going to be a showdown of David and Goliath mentalities. Luck, a second-year quarterback, is about to walk into Gillette Stadium on Saturday and try...

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