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Breaking Bad Finale’, Mom and Lucky 7 [Lazlo’s Clicker]

Not to be sentimental, but the very first Lazlo’s Clicker I ever wrote was a recap of the Breaking Bad season finale which featured Gus Fring getting half his face blown off. It is a true pleasure, this week, to recap the series finale of the best dramas ever to air on television.  Let’s get right to it. image source So why is it so hard to do a finale right?  Great shows have tried, and look what’s happened…The Sopranos was too abrupt, Battlestar Galactica left too many unanswered questions, Lost was a big fat hot mess, Dexter, a...

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Lazlo’s Clicker – True Blood, Mad Men Finale, Beyond Jumping The Shark

So what’s with the latest season of True Blood? To listen to the chatter on the internet, you’d think the show had gone completely off the rails, but I don’t see some massive drop in quality here. Are people just tired of the story? Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . image source Season 6 begins right where Season 5 left off. Bill (Stephen Moyer) has consumed the blood of the first vampire Lilith, and has been imbued with superhuman, er supervampire type powers. He’s also gone a bit cracked, lapsing into trances and openly stating he...

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