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The biggest NFL storylines as we approach the regular season

The 2015 regular season is just days away. What are the biggest NFL storylines as we gear up for the Thursday Night Football opener between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers? As the last week of the preseason is in the books and 53-man rosters are starting to take form, most teams won’t risk putting their starters on the field this week and it’ll be more about the back half of each roster. The Buffalo Bills released Fred Jackson, the guy with the third-most rushing yards ever for the franchise. Even though he was the league’s oldest running back at 34, it still...

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Is Rex Ryan going to put the Buffalo Bills over the top?

It didn’t take Rex Ryan long to earn a second shot at a head coaching job. He didn’t even have to leave his division. Some of the first words as Buffalo Bills coach were that his team was going to be a “bully”. It’s pretty clear at this point that he is trying to replicate the success he had early in New York, with an all-world defense and a giant running game. It’s also becoming more clear that Rex is set on taking chances on guys that don’t have the best past. He gave a second, or even third chance...

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4 NFL Rookies to Watch for Fantasy Football

The NFL draft was just a week ago, but the hype around some of the newly drafted players is quickly rising. This season, more than 14 million Americans tuned in to watch the annual football draft, and for good reason. Depth wise, this past draft was one of the best in recent memory, and many of the players will be immediate starters. Every NFL season, there is always a group of new players that surprises everyone. As a fantasy team owner, it is your responsibility to stay on your toes and keep up with trending players. Let’s take a...

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The AFC East is the Patriots to lose. Again.

The once mighty AFC East has really fallen off.  Even the perennial Patriots aren’t quite the team they used to be, and I’m guessing only the division winner gets to the postseason this year. Predicted Finish: New England Patriots (11-5) (2nd seed; AFC Championship game) Miami Dolphins (7-9) Buffalo Bills (6-10) NY Jets (5-11) Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I think Tom Brady is gonna miss Wes Welker like Miley Cyrus was missing most of her clothes at the VMAs.  Danny Amendola is OK, but he’s not Welker.  They’ll also miss Aaron Hernandez, but if there’s a quarterback who’s...

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