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Mastering Football Squares at your Super Bowl party

A staple at every Super Bowl party, the Squares sheet is usually proudly on display calling for people to throw down a couple bucks in exchange for a possible big payday. We have our normal football squares experts who know exactly what the sheet below is used for and we also have those fans that have noticed a grid that is proudly displayed during football parties but have no clue what its for. Whatever your familiarity is with this game, whoever wins is based on 100 percent luck of the draw; making this a crowd favorite. Use our easy...

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Covering the Spread? The Line? Sports Betting Terms Explained!

I have to admit, I’m one of those sports fans who if I don’t know what something means, I have no shame in asking. Except when it comes to things that I should technically “already know”. That is the problem that I continuously run into the problem of when I hear the terms “cover the spread” or “I’ll take the points”. I do what a lot of girls do, shake my head and smile to give off the perception that “yeah she knows what she’s talking about”. Many girls feel somewhat afraid to ask questions when it comes to...

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