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15 Songs Sports Has Ruined Forever

Music at sporting events is a given. But what happens when songs are played too often? Here are 15 songs sports has ruined. Whether you’re tailgating in the parking lot or cheering on a fight at a hockey game, music plays a big role in sports. Music is supposed to keep the crowd pumped and engaged with the events on the field. But what happens when sporting events ruin a song because they play it too much? So we gathered our internet friends and started to debate. Perhaps some of these songs were initially created as a sports anthem or...

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A Cubs fan started the tradition of throwing home run balls back

When a pitch is crushed by the away team, why do some fans throw the home run baseball back? We dive into the historic tradition… The sun is shining bright, your beer is icy cold and the sound of the announcer is soothing as you sit down in your seat in the middle of a baseball game. All of a sudden, a loud crack of the bat and “Holy crap that ball is coming right for me.” You knock down the ball and pick it up before a mad rush of people start clamoring for the home run treasure....

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How your favorite Ninja Turtle reveals your personality

Did you know your favorite Ninja Turtle can reveal insight into your personality and group of friends? Almost everyone who was born in the 80’s can easily name their favorite Ninja Turtle at the drop of a hat. But according to the team over at Cracked, your favorite turtle reveals personality traits you carry as well as your group of close friends in relation to the turtles. In the video, four friends are sitting around grabbing a bite to eat who start discussing the famous cartoon and start to compare TMNT to other foursomes such as Sex and the City,...

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Why Players Say They’ll Never Play for Another Coach’ About Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has always been known around the league as one of the toughest guys to play for. But most players who have followed him to the promised land say “I’ll never play for another coach.” In this NFL history lesson, we take a look at Tom Coughlin, who knew from the time he was a young boy he wanted to coach at the highest level. From his days as an assistant coach at Syracuse when the head coach was let go, and subsequently Coughlin was let go as well, he spent a brief period as an insurance salesman...

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