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Move over Steph Curry, there’s a new NBA Superstar!

Jaden Newman is an 11-year-old basketball prodigy and recently, she beat Steph Curry in a 3-point matchup and wants to be the first woman to play in the NBA. As leader of the Golden State Warriors and one of the best NBA players in the game, all eyes are on Stephen Curry. But 11-year-old Jaden Newman became a basketball prodigy when she beat Steph Curry in a 3-point contest during a Foot Locker commercial. Amazing, right?! Newman is in the 6th grade and has been playing on her high school’s varsity team for the past three years accumulating more...

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How Lauren Hill Captured America’s Heart

Back in September doctors told Lauren Hill, 19, she only had a few months to live. On Sunday, Nov. 2, Hill scored the first two points for her basketball team in their season opener, fulfilling her dream to play college basketball. Just 48 days after committing to Mount St. Joseph last October Lauren was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, which is a rare form of brain cancer that usually occurs in children between the ages of 5 and 7. DIPG has a zero percent survival rate and very few treatment options. Lauren proved to be greater...

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Top Sleepers To Look Out For This NBA Season

Even this early in the NBA season, it seems as if all the attention has been on the handful of legitimate championship contenders. Not many have taken the time to acknowledge the teams that have gotten better and are looking for the chance to one day be mentioned in the same conversation as those with an opportunity to win a championship. Although their window for a championship may not be as wide as others, it’s impossible to sleep on these teams. Here are a few sleeper teams to look out for this season: Phoenix Suns The Suns will shine bright...

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Top 5 teams that could challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers For the Eastern Conference

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ latest additions have put them in contention for an NBA championship. During the free agency period, the Cavaliers made huge moves in bringing Ohio native, LeBron James back home and acquiring Minnesota’s superstar power forward, Kevin Love in a trade. To mention some of their smaller offseason moves, they also acquired players like Shawn Marion and sharpshooters Mike Miller and James Jones, and they are still looking to sign another shooter in Ray Allen. On paper, the Cavaliers are the championship favorites, but there are a few teams in the Eastern Conference that will look to...

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NBA Draft: Fresh Faces and New Places

The 2014 NBA Draft was one to remember, since it featured a variety of good players all full of potential. From athleticism, shooting, post play to play-making, nearly every team was able to grab an impactful player that possesses at least one of these attributes. The draft was aired on ESPN with subsequent coverage on NBA TV via DirectTV. It was the most watched draft in the last 19 years with 3.45 million viewers, and was highlighted by unexpected selections, trades and an honorary acceptance by Commissioner Adam Silver – definitely an upgrade from last year’s draft. To no...

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