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If you want a dog, look no further than Cam Atkinson

Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson saw a little girl holding a sign that said she could get a dog if he scored a goal. So he scored three. Choosing a dog is a big decision. But choosing a hockey player to help you get a dog is an even bigger decision. And if you want a dog, your best bet is with Columbus Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson. When asked to score at least one goal to get Maddie Wright a dog, Atkinson sure delivered. Wright was attending Monday’s Columbus Blue Jackets game against the Montreal Canadiens and had...

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These Baby Animals of the NFL Will Make You Go AWWWW

14 of the 32 NFL teams are named after an animal. Therefore, during the dead-time of the NFL offseason, we wanted to bring you the baby versions of each of those animals. Hit the jump to see the adorableness of baby Dolphins, Jaguars, and even Falcons! Miami Dolphins source   Buffalo Bills source    Atlanta Falcons source   Cincinnati Bengals source   Baltimore Ravens source   Indianapolis Colts source    Jacksonville Jaguars source    Denver Broncos source    Philadelphia Eagles source    Detroit Lions source   Seattle Seahawks source   Chicago Bears source    Arizona Cardinals Cardinals   Carolina...

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How Could You: Dad films daughter’s reaction to watching Mufasa die

Do you remember where you were when you witnessed Mufasa die in The Lion King for the first time? You probably cried your eyes out just like any other kid, leaving the lasting memory to haunt you forever. Hell, I’m 31-years-old and still watch The Lion King *hoping* to no avail Simba can wake somehow wake Mufasa up. But this little girl is watching The Lion King for the first time while her father films her reaction and man….the feels. Watching this video just brings all the emotions back. God help her if she’s in a Disney store anytime...

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Toddler just can’t help himself when ‘Let It Go’ is played

We’ve all heard the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen waaaaaay too many times. But one little boy who just can’t seem to get enough of the song is Jackson. The minute he hears the now-infamous song, he throws his hands in the air and his face has a smile a mile wide for a whole 5-seconds until the doll shuts off. His sister can’t hit the button fast enough as the concerned look on his face grows until the doll plays the song again. And each time, his reaction gets cuter and cuter. While the video is...

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This Adorable Little Girl Dressed As The Hulk

As a woman, I love seeing other female cosplayers. But it warms my heart to see a young cosplayer take on traditionally masculine character and give her own girly twist on it. Check out this little girl dressed as the Hulk at the Emerald City ComiCon donning a muscly shirt paired with a purple tutu. H/T Fashionably...

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