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Saying Goodbye to Old Friends from Parks and Rec, Glee and Parenthood

Three long-running shows are on their final run this season, and each of them have, in many ways, exceeded expectations. How are they doing during their wind-down period? Parks & Recreation It’s easy to forget that at its inception, Parks & Rec was the kid sister of NBC’s heavyweight comedy hits 30 Rock and The Office.  Both of those shows sputtered a bit at the end.  By contrast, Parks & Rec has evolved into (along with The Big Bang Theory) one of the longest running sitcoms on the air and one of the finest ensemble casts on television. For...

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Lazlo’s Clicker: Deception, Continuum, Banshee

HIGHLIGHTS I was prepared not to like Deception, NBC’s new thriller, all the way back in the summer when I read a synopsis of the show and quickly concluded that this would be a Revenge knock off.  NBC’s promos for the show didn’t do much to convince me otherwise, but since Revenge itself has gone off the rails in season 2, maybe this would be a good substitute. Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . image source Right off the bat, however, Deception turned me off, as the show’s opening was a primer in how NOT to...

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