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The AFC Playoff Race is Why the NFL Should Remove Divisions

The AFC playoff race in 2015 is a joke. The Chiefs, Jets and Steelers are all tied at 8-5 but there’s just two playoff spots up for grabs because one of them has to go to the Houston Rejects, the Indianapolis Trash or whoever else might come along and win the AFC South. The Chiefs are likely to win out, so they’ll get one of the spots.  The Jets still have the Patriots on the schedule, while the Steelers have the Broncos. I don’t know the exact tiebreakers that would come into play; I only know that the best...

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Ravens Win By Default: AFC North Preview

You can basically call this the hypocrisy division.  In Baltimore, you’ve got Ray Rice and his two games for domestic violence.  In Cleveland, you’ve got Josh Gordon getting an entire season for some pot.  And in Pittsburgh you’ve got those two crappy running backs and that whole mess.  The NFL needs a makeover and they can start with these teams. I have the Ravens winning this division more or less by default.  Baltimore was 8-8 last year, and thanks mostly to an easier schedule I have them going 9-7 this year.  The Ravens are neither great nor terrible, just...

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