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GuysGirl Show: Jaguars selling opposing team merch, Kate Upton, Fantastic Beasts + More

On the latest GuysGirl Show, we discuss the Jaguars angering their diehard fanbase by selling opposing team merchandise inside the stadium. Plus Kate Upton standing up for her Cy Young-less boyfriend, Harvard’s soccer team getting suspended over something ridiculous, Kellogg’s cinnamon frosted flakes, Nintendo news, Fantastic Beasts AND MOAR

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If your significant other is kicked out of a game, do you follow?

A Giants fan was ejected for interfering with a fair ball. And his disappointed girlfriend followed him. Would you do the same or stay the watch the game? Helmets and Heels debate in this show. Earlier this year, a couple attended the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Fransisco Giants. They had great seats sitting front row just off the 3rd baseline when was looked like a foul ball was hit their way. Except the ball was fair and the guy who leaned over to snag it was promptly kicked out due to a long-standing rule in which...

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This Redsox fan thinks the Yankees are being petty with Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has been the butt of everyone’s steroid jokes for years. But as a Redsox fan, I think the Yankees are doing him dirty. Aaron Boone’s homerun off Tim Wakefield in the bottom of the 11th in the 2003 ALCS would still haunt the minds of Redsox fans today if the trade for Alex Rodriguez gone as originally planned. Rodriguez, who bounced from Seattle to Texas and was subsequently traded to the Redsox after the 2003 season was seen as the piece that would put the team over the Yankee hill. But the MLB Player’s Union nixed the...

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Helmets and Heels on how the NFL and MLB have evolved

The NFL and MLB have a slew of unwritten rules that affect the growth of the sport. But is it good for the evolution of the game? Listen as Helmets and Heels debate… My last 4 weeks: Camping at Ginnie Springs, Kentucky Derby, TPC and a weekend in Ormond Beach with the fam. But this weekend? I’m headed to Nashville for a bachelorette party with a dozen girls. I’m not sure if I’ll live blog the shenanigans like I did for Vegas, but I’ll be sure to share some good stories provided we all make it back alive with...

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