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Here are 4 easy ways to fix the NBA Draft

The Philadelphia 76ers will be picking first in this year’s NBA Draft, realizing a three-year tanking process that finally netted them a top-2 pick and which caused many basketball analysts to nearly lose their minds talking about how to end the scourge of tanking once and for all. Well, it’s simple. I’ve gone over this before, but I’ll do it one more time to illustrate how much better the NBA draft process could be with a few simple changes. Reduce the number of lottery teams Letting every single team in the lottery is stupid. What does the NBA get...

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Helmets and Heels debate walk up songs and dumb baseball terms

Helmets and Heels were live on location where an interesting debate about dumb baseball terms was started that led to an intense Twitter debate. This week’s Helmets and Heels show started off so nice. We talked March Madness, interviewed Jaguars center Luke Bowanko and even hit on our studs and duds of the week. But when we started talking baseball walk-up songs, it all went to hell. If you’re a baseball stud, what would your walk-up song be? — Helmets & Heels (@HelmetsandHeels) March 22, 2016 It was this topic that led to “let’s teach Amanda some baseball terminology...

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Is This The Year of the Unpredictable Final Four?

You’ve heard it by now – this is the March Madness unpredictable Final Four year. There are no Goliaths. There are only Davids. Well that’s just so much nonsense. There is no dominating #1 seed that seems unstoppable going in but in any given year everyone has a laundry list of fatal flaws attached to the presumptive #1 seeds anyway.  And don’t let anyone kid you.  Just because there’s no clear favorite at the top doesn’t make it anymore likely that Austin Peay, Dayton or Stoneybrook is going to win it all this year. So let’s take a look...

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