Author: Blythe Brumleve

How to dress ‘Better than Most’ for THE PLAYERS

After years of attending golf’s 5th Major as a fan, I’ve been a credentialed member of the media for four years now. Therefore, I know a thing or two about what to wear for golf’s 5th Major. Read on to discover these handy tips as you embark on a week full of 90 degrees and little access to air conditioning… With THE PLAYERS occurring in early May in the outdoors of Northeast Florida, challenges exist when trying to decide what to wear. But if you follow these handy tips, you can spend more time comfortably researching how to attack...

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The only Kentucky Derby article you need to read

A darling hat. A cute dress. Soon to be a drunken mess. That headline isn’t the only reason why so many love the Kentucky Derby. The first Saturday in May is an excuse to dress up, drink mint juleps, bet on horses and hopefully come away with your dignity. To get ready for the first leg of the Triple Crown, we’ve assembled everything needed for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. What’s new since 2015? Well, a lot. 2015 was bittersweet for my family. The patriarch of the family and my grandfather, Sonny Brumleve, passed away...

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