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Why 2016 will be the year of the Female Gamer

The demographics in the gaming world are changing as female gamer stats reveal women become the majority, not the minority, sooner rather than later. Unless you spent 2015 living under a rock, you probably noticed that the gaming demographic has enjoyed a considerable evolution over the course of the last decade. During this time, female players and those of an older persuasion have become increasingly dominant, with the former demographic now apparently accounting for 52 percent of all players across multiple platforms. Given the stereotypical view of gamers as being adolescent or young male adults with minimal overheads and a...

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Relive your favorite women’s stories from GuysGirl in 2014

While staring down 2015 and taking a bit of time to reflect on everything good and bad we’ve done throughout the year, we discovered the articles that our readers have enjoyed the most. As we did with our entertainment and sports categories this week, today we’re featuring the best women’s stories that include girl’s nights, game day attire, keeping that cell charged, the Ray Rice debacle and so much more. Check out the top women’s stories for each month of 2014 for your reading pleasure… How a girl can get rid of a one-night-stand In today’s modern times, women...

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Photoshopped Jennifer Lawrence causes outrage

Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games, has been making waves in Hollywood over the past few years mostly due to her down to earth perspective. As cool of a girl that she is, she’s also very outspoken over the negative perpetuation of acceptable body images towards women. So it comes as a shock that a magazine would photoshop an already-flawless Lawrence into having a smaller waste, larger chest and heightened neckline among other attributes. Especially when she said this in an interview just last month: Now, this particular issue of Flaire Magazine was published in June of 2011...

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Pantene ad shows how women are labeled differently

There’s seem to be a changing of the tide when it comes to marketing to women. And Pantene is the latest to take that step forward with their new video showing how men and women are labeled different in home, life and work. From Mashable: Pantene, a Procter & Gamble brand (Dove is owned by rival Unilever), has released the above ad in the Philippines. The 60-second spot shows how women and men are labeled differently. For instance, a man is the “boss,” but a woman in the same role is “bossy.” A man grooming himself is “neat,” while...

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How the Media Failed Women in 2013

Miss Representation, the company founded on changing the way women are viewed in the media, has come out with a new video challenging the way women were portrayed in 2013. The media has always strived to be the voice of the public. But for so many years, that message that’s given through newspapers, news broadcasts and magazines have always come from men. And obviously, unless you’re transgendered, men have no idea what it’s like to grow up as a women in today’s age. From the time we are young, women are fed an image of perfection, what we should...

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