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Mario and Zelda cannot save Nintendo

After two years in a row of lackluster Nintendo news at E3, I began to ponder the future of the company and if it still has a place in today’s console wars. After a full year of the Wii U being released, and incredible sales numbers for both PS4 and XB1, we have to revisit the argument that “Nintendo is dying a slow death”. See the explanation after the jump… Excerpt from Nintendo’s E3 analysis in June of 2013: After last year’s E3, most were fearful that one of the most iconic gaming franchises in the history of the...

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The Courses in Wii Golf Are the Same Setup As the Original NES [bonus video]

Having never played the orignal NES Golf, I’m sure most of you are just like me in that we had no idea the much newer Wii Golf  is essentially the exact course layout from the original NES game. This was pointed out by Redditor onus111  and just like 99% of us who played Wii Golf  years ago (which was a really fun game) this picture still won’t make us take the time to dust off our Wii’s and put batteries in the remotes to play. RIP Wii. Hit the jump for a bonus video that Simpsons’ fans might get...

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