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Tim Tebow has an awesome new Superbowl commercial

Don’t think we’ve ever had the words “awesome”  and “Tebow” in the same sentence on this site. Ever. But there’s a first time for everything, and Tebow’s new Superbowl commercial is every bit the career move he should have made two years ago. Appearing in T-mobile’s Superbowl commercial where the cell provider got rid of contacts for it’s customers, the commercial jokes about all the things Tebow’s been able to do without a contract. Like doing his own stunts in movies, capturing Big Foot, becoming a stand-up comedian, and even saving puppies from burning buildings. Well played, Tebow. Well...

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At least Tebow is good at predictions

Monday night was the first time America saw Tim Tebow on television where the conversation didn’t involve “what team should sign him”. During his appearance on ESPN’s College Gameday, Tebow was asked his prediction on the BCS championship game and his response was a hell of a lot closer than his passes attempted during his short time in the NFL: It’s ok to give credit where credit is due and I’m sure many of you would support his career in broadcasting. Especially if it gives us more stellar gifs like this…. Via...

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Dicks Sporting Goods Has a Sense of Humor

This is a photo a Redditor submitted at a local New York Dicks Sporting Goods store. Take a close look at what #15 is sitting on. Thoughts when I first saw it? “I AM FOREVER A CUSTOMER”.  More stores need to have a sense of humor about things like this. Just for our pure amusement. #ButTheyLiedtoHim...

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