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Will you watch the Pro Bowl? Helmets and Heels debate in this week’s show

The majority of the US will be watching the Super Bowl in a couple weeks but do you have any interest in watching the Senior Bowl or the Pro Bowl? The ladies of Helmets and Heels discuss this along with the NFC and AFC Championship games, the most outrageous sports figures, Jags continuous look for an OC and if Jessica Blaylock can really dance to Michael Jackson in this week’s episode. Featured image via Marcel...

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Peyton Manning Seems to Be Enjoying Those Free Papa Johns Pizzas

Peyton Manning has been in Hawaii all week promoting the Pro Bowl and since players don’t take it quite as seriously as a real game, they get a chance to lounge around for a bit. Such is the case with Pro Bowl Vet, Peyton Manning, who’s picture was snapped poolside and let’s just say, good thing Manning has a rocket of an arm because he certainly hasn’t been using his free time doing crunches. Probably should have listened to the owner of Paper Johns and kept that contest at 1 million pizzas instead of 2M… image via...

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