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Apparently you can flash your boobs for free pizza in Illinois

Recipe for success? A pizza shop by the name of Drew’s Pizzeria in Champaign, Illinois has been offering free large pizzas to any female willing to show the employees her boobs. While this might be good in the short term to attract the drunk late-night ladies who need a bite to eat before they throw up their dignity, this also seems to have a negative affect in attracting late night creepers who would rather hit up a pizza spot for a free show rather than throwing out dollar bills at the nearest strip club. 10 years ago when widespread smartphone...

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Peyton Manning Seems to Be Enjoying Those Free Papa Johns Pizzas

Peyton Manning has been in Hawaii all week promoting the Pro Bowl and since players don’t take it quite as seriously as a real game, they get a chance to lounge around for a bit. Such is the case with Pro Bowl Vet, Peyton Manning, who’s picture was snapped poolside and let’s just say, good thing Manning has a rocket of an arm because he certainly hasn’t been using his free time doing crunches. Probably should have listened to the owner of Paper Johns and kept that contest at 1 million pizzas instead of 2M… image via...

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