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If we could pick the NFL Dream Team, these guys make the list

With the Superbowl right around the corner, we close out the 2015 NFL regular season awards the ‘All-Lazlo’ Team way.  To highlight and pay homage to the NFL regular season awards, John Madden would pick a roster of guys who played the game “his way” affectionately becoming known as the All-Madden Team. Building off a similar motto, during the past few years, (check out 2014’s roster here,) I’ve selected the guys who piqued my interest over the NFL regular seasons and the hallowed All-Lazlo Team was born. To uphold tradition, in some cases, those spotlighted on the All-Lazlo Team will be the guys who had the best year,...

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There Are No Women In The Madden 15 Game

A good friend MC Wale was playing the new Madden the other night when he decided to look for who the game developers put in his seat in the stands. After glancing around, he noticed a pretty glaring oversight on Madden’s part: There are ZERO women in the stands. Most of us are well aware that women make up 46% of the NFL’s fanbase. But within the gaming industry, women actually make up a 48% f the audience [pdf link]. How is there not a single woman in the crowd in this video game? They have away fans in...

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Madden players might recognize this voice

The voice of EA sports is gentleman by the name of Andrew Anthony and one kid was lucky enough to meet him and get him to say the infamous line “It’s in the game”. A few years back, Anthony actually made his own video on how to say the infamous phrase that belongs to all of EA sports’ games, which you can see below. Just remember when you practice “It’s your guts hurtling through the air as you growl like a hungry dog on a T-bone.” says Anthony. Kudos to this kid who does what few other can do,...

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History of the Madden Curse

The potential negative impact the Madden Curse has always been referenced the minute the cover athlete is revealed. Though there are some instances where the curse had little to no affect, there are numerous occurrences where the curse rings true for many athletes. Check out the infographic  to see the full list of stats after the jump… Created by...

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Madden 25 commercial debuts and it’s pretty friggin’ great

The new Madden video game will release on August 27th and the game is getting much more buzz this year than in recent years. The improved gameplay is definitely worth noting but this year also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic franchise. To celebrate, EA put out the first commercial starring  Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch. Check it out below…  ...

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