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Steph Curry with signature Game 5, continues to demolish records

Steph Curry has made 95 three-point shots this postseason. The previous record was 58 by Reggie Miller, and Miller did that in 22 games. Curry’s played in 20 so far. He might only play in 21. Unreal. He’s made 22 three-point shots this series, already breaking the record of 17 that was done in a seven-game series. Game 5 on Sunday night marked his signature performance of the finals. Curry had 37 with 7 three-point shots, but did the most damage answering a Lebron James onslaught, who hit a 34-foot bomb to put the Cleveland Cavaliers up two… …but then Steph answered...

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Fan Hits Half Court Shot to Win $75k. Immediately Tackled By Lebron

We’ve seen many fans attempt to make a half court shot to win some cold hard cash. But unlike the ones in the past, this guy hits the shot to win $75k but is immediately tackled by superstar Lebron James because he was so excited for the guy. Everyone bashes Lebron into oblivion but this is a pretty cool move on his part. Watch the video...

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