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‘Sprots Takes’ joins ‘The GuysGirl Show’ to talk women in sports and Jaguars-Chiefs match up

With your Friday coffee, we recap the sports from Thursday night, preview the weekend happenings and talk about a minor league baseball team changing their name to the Jumbo Shrimp. PLUS, we’re joined by the fabulous Gat who runs the female sports blog, Sprots Takes, to talk women in sports, her career and the upcoming Jaguars/Chiefs match up.

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Shad Khan meets with coaches, players after Raiders loss

Shad Khan’s time with the Jacksonville Jaguars hasn’t exactly been sunny. Ever since he bought the team in 2011, the Jaguars have lost 54 times. So, following their loss to the Raiders, it was only natural for Khan to reach out to his people in an attempt to better understand the barriers preventing them from achieving success. NFL Lines analysts have been buzzing about this meeting since then. And one cannot help but wonder whether Khan’s direct intervention will change anything on the ground. Khan reached out to the players and coaches on Monday. And according to reports, the...

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