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The MLB postseason race is heating up

The Toronto Blue Jays have quickly shredded a seven-game deficient in the AL East down to 1. The New York Yankees are in trouble. The New York Mets continue to gradually grow their lead in the NL East up to 4.5. The Houson Astros are still holding off the Angels with 2.5 game lead. Ah, baseball. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I predicted the playoff picture a week before the trade deadline only to have each of those divisions go the opposite way. Even the Dodgers have a little cushion over San Francisco in the NL...

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Why Players Say They’ll Never Play for Another Coach’ About Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has always been known around the league as one of the toughest guys to play for. But most players who have followed him to the promised land say “I’ll never play for another coach.” In this NFL history lesson, we take a look at Tom Coughlin, who knew from the time he was a young boy he wanted to coach at the highest level. From his days as an assistant coach at Syracuse when the head coach was let go, and subsequently Coughlin was let go as well, he spent a brief period as an insurance salesman...

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Sam Ponder’s Baby Girl Can Make Odell Beckman Jr’s Catch All Day

ESPN broadcaster Sam Ponder is a favorite around GuysGirl and after the Giants WR Odell Beckman Jr. made his incredible catch that inspired dozens of memes, Ponder decided to get in on the action. Using her adorable baby Scout with husband and Vikings QB Christian Ponder, she posed the baby in Beckman’s now-infamous pose, making it look easy as pie. Congrats, Odell. But what’s the big deal? pic.twitter.com/onJcrzn6T9 — Sam Ponder (@sam_ponder) November 24, 2014 Besides the cuteness level being on high-alert, I need to know where to get a set of those football-inspired leg warmers.  ...

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The Odell Beckham Jr. Memes Are Almost As Good As His Catch

During the NFC East Sunday night matchup, Giants rookie WR Odell Beckham Jr. made what many are calling the greatest catch in NFL history. And now, the memes are out in full force of “Things OBJ could have caught.” First, let’s watch the catch in all of its glory: Let’s watch it again from a few different angles: And now, the glory of the internet with all the things OBJ could have caught: This is why I have photoshop. Odell Beckham Jr. #NYGvsDAL #SNF pic.twitter.com/rgirHdNC7T — Mike Johnston (@MikeyJ_MMA) November 24, 2014 The Odell Beckham catch was certainly pretty…...

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Brian Wilson forgets he plays for the Dodgers

During a recent series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Giants outfielder Juan Perez made an incredible catch near the Dodgers bullpen. At the moment of the catch, you can clearly see former Giants teammate, Brian Wilson, standing to cheer either for a great catch, or he momentarily forgot he no longer plays for the Giants anymore. I’m sure plenty of Giants fans will look at this picture and think Wilson’s heart is still in San Francisco. [image...

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