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Recapping ‘Meet Me At The 50’ with Suzy Kolber

The Jaguars might not be the best performing team in the wins column but their recent women’s event “Meet Me At The 50” highlighted the proper angle female fans want to be marketed. Earlier this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers launched a program called Red which featured meet n’ greets, football 101’s and female-centric items such as manicures and mimosas. While I defended the program because every fan enjoys their game day experience differently, it faced a lot of backlash from other female fans because it reeked of a sloppy-and-sexist plan hastily thrown together before the season started. For the...

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Watch as this little girl is surprised with tickets to a Patriots game

I’ve grown a little tired of parents filming their kids after bad sports losses. But this little girl surprised with New England Patriots game day tickets is everything. Bella had one wish for her 8th birthday and that was to see her Patriots play. After returning home from school, she was surprised with a gift in her backpack. After pulling out a brand new Tom Brady jersey, this is how the conversation transpired between her and her mom: Bella: “I’m going to the game? No you didn’t…” Mom: “Yep, I got two tickets.” Bella: “Me and you?” /runs to...

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Girl Crush: Ashley Judd the Kentucky Wildcats Fanatic

Ashley Judd is an extremely accomplished actress with a brilliant mind, visually stunning and as a bonus,  she’s one hell of a sports fan. In our next Girl Crush nominee, we present all the reasons why we love Ashley Judd, the UK Wildcats fanatic… As a diehard Lousiville Cardinals fan, I’ve watched Judd cheer from the UK stands for years. Sure, her cheering on game day can get annoying as an oposing fan, but at the center of it,  Judd is an extremely dedicated fan that deserves the utmost respect and admiration. With the exception of that awkward but...

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GuysGirl Favs: Reeta the Ravens/Orioles Super Fan

When GuysGirl was first started years back, we reached out to influential women that were already on the blogging scene. One of those women just so happen to be one of Baltimore’s biggest sports fans, Reeta Hubbard. Hubbard founded and runs The NFL Chick, an opinionated in-depth view on the game of football created in 2008. Hubbard said in an interview with GuysGirl that she initially started the website because she “wanted to get a women’s perspective on football out to the masses and this was the easiest way to put those ideas out there for discussion.” While Hubbard...

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Why Carlie Irsay Will Be the NFL’s Most Powerful Woman

After the arrest of Colts Owner, Jim Irsay, for DWI and drug possession, it was announced by Roger Goodell at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando that one of Irsay’s daughters, Carlie, will assume her father’s role. While her last name may give some the assumption that she was “gifted” this role of assuming day-to-day duties of an NFL owner, Carlie, along with her sisters Kalen and Casey, have been involved with the organization for over 10 years. In a letter to season ticket holders, Carlie wrote: “The outpouring of support and expressions of love and concern for my...

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