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Ok I’ve Joined a Fantasy Baseball League, Now How Do I Manage It?

The most common issue people have with fantasy baseball is that once you login and look at the team roster page,  you have zero clue as what to do from there. In this two part series, GuysGirl aims to show you how you can get a grasp on managing your fantasy baseball team in the first part of this series. First things first:  Learn the rules!  Learn the basics! If you are gona play, then you have to know how to win. Assuming you are playing the most common form of fantasy baseball  (10 team, 5×5 scoring) let’s go...

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New to Fantasy Baseball? Get Ready for the Draft with These Simple Strategies

It’s not baseball season yet, but it is fantasy baseball season and all of the major sports sites are already running public league drafts. Here’s a few basic draft strategies that will help you maximize the value of your picks as you go along. Have a Plan You don’t have to do hours of research to have a good draft, but doing it totally on the fly won’t work either. Break the draft into stages: your top 3 picks are the most important ones. These are the big stars for your team. Target a group of players you want...

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