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The NBA proves why they own Christmas Day

The NBA Christmas Day lineup did not disappoint. Here’s how the fastest growing professional sport takes ownership of one of the best holidays of the year. Everyone knows New Years Day is college football bowl heaven.  And every house in America has the NFL on TV on Thanksgiving.  MLB’s opening day is an informal national holiday and every baseball stadium in America is sold out on the 4th of July.  But the NBA has its own claim on a holiday, and they are showing that they know just how to stamp their brand on it. Christmas belongs to basketball,...

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Christmas movies for people who hate Christmas

Not everyone is the biggest fan of retail-focused Christmas holiday crap that goes on from the time it’s Halloween. But there are some movies out there that can make you feel not-so alone in a world of egg nog and cheesy music around every corner. Christmas is all about tradition, and I know I’m not alone in my less-than-zealous enthusiasm for this particular holiday. All in all, I realize why I hate Christmas so much.  It’s not me.  It’s you.  Or rather, all of you.  Other people, I mean. Everyone else places this HUGE emphasis on Christmas, putting all...

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How to host a budget-friendly Christmas feast

Hosting a Christmas feast can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re strapped for cash due to fulfilling that extensive wish list the kids wrote to Santa Claus. You can cherish the real essence of the season without added financial stress by throwing a budget-friendly Christmas feast. Here are a few tips to help you through the season… Cost-Saving Strategy It’s the holidays – everyone’s in the mood to give and help out. Take people up on their offer should they ask if you want them to bring anything to the party. Guests who contribute a bottle or two...

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Home Alone: Why it’s still the best Christmas movie

Every year I get into the same argument with my group of friends: “What Christmas movie is better: Home Alone or Christmas Story?” The simple answer is Home Alone. Forget “tradition”, the leg lamp and the fact that Christmas Story plays for 24 hours a day. I care about laughter. And for that reason alone, Home Alone 1 & 2 will always beat out Christmas Story as my favorite holiday movie. So in order to prove my argument, check out the following reasons why Home Alone will always be a staple in my  house. The Marv Scream There are...

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Sports gift ideas for the GuysGirls in your life

‘Tis the season to give and receive! As we all rush to find the perfect gifts for all the people in our lives, many find themselves making impulse purchases for friends and family they end up regretting almost immediately, fearing that the recipient will hate it. Don’t subject your fellow female sports fans and athletes to a poorly planned gift this year! To help ease your shopping pains, we’ve put together a little list of some great sports related gifts for fans of all types. For the lady who’s a football fan and loves some good jams, consider the...

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