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Baby KC Royals Fan Gives Tigers’ Fan Stank Face, Flips Her Off

The Royals and Tigers are currently in a battle-to-the-death for the AL Central and/or possible Wildcard spot. And this little KC Royals baby if well aware. So much so, that the baby gives the dirtiest look to the visiting Tigers fan and then proceeds to flip off the fan! More pictures after the jump… Can’t take babies anywhere anymore. via Deadspin  ...

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2 Year Old Baby Has Impressive Basketball Trick Shot Video

Little 2 year old Titus started shooting baskets shortly after he could walk. And since we live in the digital age, his parents started filming all of the incredible shots their baby was making until having enough material to fill a video of almost 3 minutes long. After watching the video, it’s clear that little Titus is naturally gifted as the kid can make a shot from different distances, upstairs, downstairs, backwards, hit a 7ft rim shot and even a no-look swish. And while he’s still wearing a diaper, his parents seem to know their kid already has swerve...

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