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Phyllis and Tammy: The Iron Bowl Ladies That Make Radio Fun

For college football fans in the SEC, you’re probably well aware of radio show host Paul Finebaum who regularly talks on all things Alabama and Auburn football. The call-in portion of the show is usually entertaining and two regulars of that segment are known as Phyllis and Tammy. Alabama’s Phyllis and Auburn’s Tammy are both football fanatics, grandmothers of 6 and well-aware of their loud, sometimes irrational reputation on Finebaum’s show that airs on the SEC Network. While they both know about each other, they refuse to acknowledge each other during the biggest game of the season for the...

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Bama Fan Goes On Epic Rant During Paul Finebaum Show

Longtime SEC radio host Paul Finebaum has had a lot of patience over the years with fans that call into his show. And his patience was particularly evident when this angry Alabama caller got upset when Finebaum’s colleague Colin Cowherd said Bama head coach Nick Saban’s dynasty may be over. Sports turns us all into crazy people. Roll tide. H/T For the...

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WATCH: Nick Saban gets down to “The Electric Slide”

“He dances like a man on a two-game losing streak.” Over the weekend, while the rest of us were getting geared up for the NFL Divisional Championship games, Nick Saban was getting his, um, groove on. The Alabama head coach hosted some incoming recruits and parents at his home, and one of his new players (God bless you, Alex Evans) caught Saban doing “The Electric Slide.” He’s electric! Not to be outdone, Alabama’s new offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin joined in to show off his skills. USC’s ex-head coach sang “Sweet Home Alabama” with Donetris Scarbrough, the mother of Alabama’s 5-star commit Bo Scarbrough....

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Alabama vs Oklahoma Gameday Style and Preview

Alabama and Oklahoma could not be heading into the Sugar Bowl from further ends of the football field. Who will ever forget perhaps the biggest (and most eruptively entertaining) college football upset of all time? Auburn’s last-play-of-game, single-score defeat of Alabama during this year’s Iron Bowl will be replayed until I’m old and gray and can no longer remember the capital of Alabama. On the other hand, Oklahoma handed their biggest rival Oklahoma State a major upset (33-24) during their yearly match up. And even though OU (#11) came out in a big way against their in-state rival, the Sooners...

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Sports Science calculates Chris Davis’ touchdown run

The instant classic ending to the Auburn-Alabama now gets the Sports Science treatment as an interesting fact as emerged: a half-second change of direction by Alabama’s Placekicker cost him the chance to save the game-winning kick return by Chris Davis. Check out the Sports Science video below for the full analysis of how important just once second, or even a half-second, can be…...

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