Tiger Woods Accident: What Really Happened?

Tiger Woods is arguably one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the world. With 82 victories worldwide, 14 major championships and sponsorships from company giants like Nike and Gatorade, its easy to see why Woods is also one of the most respected men in the world.

Unfortunately for the first time in his career, Tiger is faced with an embarrassing situation that occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend that involves a car crash, rumors of cheating and even a good old fashion “girl gone ghetto” reference.

At 2:25am on Friday morning, Tiger Woods was injured when his Cadillac SUV struck a fire hydrant and a tree just beyond his driveway. Police said his lips were cut and blood was in his mouth when officers arrived. The Police chief stated that the back passenger windows were busted out of the car because Elin (Tiger’s wife) tried to free her husband from the wreck using….get this……a golf club.

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Tiger was briefly hospitalized, later released and is said to be resting comfortably at home with his wife and children. Tiger has been unavailable to make a public statement, canceling meetings with the FHP for 3 straight days (he did make a written statement via his website). Because this is an auto related incident, he is under no legal obligation to provide any statement to police; only his driver’s license, insurance and registration (which he has).

A 911 call was released today in which a neighbor described the scene as “a car accident outside of my house with someone laying on the ground unconscious”.

Crash photos were also released today in which it shows a very banged up Cadillac with a front end smashed. Its clear why Tiger was found unconscious after the crash because the front end is completely smashed up and the car definitely inoperable.

Immediately the “who’s, whats where and whys” have surfaced since the accident. With twitter and the blogosphere a buzz as to what happened before during and after the accident it seems many sites are in agreement that this was a domestic issue that turned bad very quickly.

TMZ has been pretty front and center since the story broke and says the incident with Tiger and his wife Elin started over the rumors he had cheated on Elin with famous event coordinator Rachel Uchitel. During the fight, it is also rumored that Elin “went crazy” on Tiger; by scratching his face and after questioning Tiger to the point where he decided to take a drive, she chased after him with a golf club, smashing out both his back windows. At that point is where sources to TMZ said that Tiger became distracted, took his eyes off the road and crashed the car.

TMZ’s story is not completely ridiculous.  Famous sports figures like Tiger who have the power and money that they do attract many women all over the world. Elin is a simple woman, who was a nanny when she met Tiger. They fell in love, married and now have 2 children. It seems like a dream. A dream that many-many women would sadly try to attain even if the guy is married.

Elin Woods is faced with women who throw themselves on Tiger on numerous occasions and at multiple events in hopes of getting closer to that dream of a perfect life and a perfect husband with lots of money. As someone who has a hockey player for a spouse, I have seen girls do the same thing to my guy but obviously not on the same scale and frequency as Tiger’s “fans”. But if I was in Elin’s situation and I found the rumor to be true, my weapon of choice would most certainly be a hockey stick.

I’m sure Elin has heard rumors like “Rachel Uchitel” before, but for some reason, this story may be different. Rachel Uchitel umped the ante on the “rumor” when she flew cross country this weekend to team up with the famous Gloria Alred. Why would she meet with the famous lawyer if she has done nothing wrong. Publicity perhaps? Or she needs someone to speak for her so she doesn’t slip up and reveal too much?

Then there are the other “whys” of the situation: Where was Tiger going at 2:25am? Why was Elin so close to the accident with a golf club in her hand immediately after the accident? Why hasn’t Tiger showed his face? If Tiger was unconscious during the 911 call, where was Elin and why didnt she call 911 herself?

One point I want to make very clear, Tiger has NEVER been in any kind of trouble, never has had any “character issues” or even a DUI that would say he is not a responsible person. He is as of right now going to be charged with a minor accident, something that could happen to anyone.

My guess is that we will never know what truly happened between Tiger and his wife. Tiger is famous for being extremely private about his personal life and this story will be no different.

Our next glimpse of Tiger should be at his annual golf tournament to benefit his foundation. The tournament starts on November 30th and it will be a waiting game to see if he shows and actually makes a public statement about what happened.


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