Sports and the City Talk Show is a Breath of Fresh Air

Women talking sports is something that will naturally always peak the interest of GuysGirl. Especially when it’s a group of women who actually know their stuff and can trash talk and curse with the best of ’em.

Enter Sports and the City. A YouTube channel that features a set up similar to The View with women sitting around a table discussing the week’s top sports stories from self-described “SportsLovHers.”.  (love that tagline)

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There’s Khadijah Haqq McCray who serves as the Moderator, Michelle Denlinger (the Enthusiast), Tessa Barrera (the badass), Chelsey Haardt (girl next door) and Natalie Jahnke (the correspondent)

Producers (and partners) of the show Brandi Slayton and Tanee McCall Short said in a recent Trustaris interview “The show is spoken from the voice of the fans. These are people who know the sport, love it and even played it as opposed to having a journalist’s voice. Therefore, it’s told in the language of the fans, and that is one valuable edge that we have.”

And to anyone who thinks this show is all pink fluff, glitter and barely-there clothing, Slayton assures you that the show will tackle much more than just the box score and stats but also ‘intends to explore the person as a jersey and underneath that jersey.  What are their struggles?  Failures?  How did they push past them?  What’s life like before, during, and after the league?  How do they balance family and career?”

As someone who has seen (and groaned) at the likes of sporting “events” such as the Bikini Hockey League (joke) and the fantasy football “advice videos” made by girls who probably couldn’t tell an endzone from a kegstand, Sports and the City is welcome breath of fresh air.

Sports and the City airs every Wednesday at 6pm PST.

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