Tom Brady Clearly Loves a Good Water Slide

Tom Brady; 3 time Super Bowl Champion, 2 time Super Bowl MVP, married to a Super Model Gisele Bundchen….blah blah blah we all know the story and any football team is jealous that they couldn’t stumble upon a future HOF in the sixth round.

But in the last couple years, it has somehow turned from admiration of this talented athlete, to someone that is becoming sort of a joke for everything he does off the field.

Was it the dancing? No. Everyone already knows it tough for White guys to dance.

Perhaps the Kentucky Derby Outfit? Not really. It was borderline but still looked acceptable to wear to that kind of event.

But I’ll be damned if this is the photo to make everyone just poke fun of him some more. Hate to say it to you Brady, but I’m starting to think you are bringing this on yourself. 

Photo from TMZ


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