Tebow Loses: Proves God Has Nothing To Do With Wins in Sports

But just in case he has something to do with blogging, I take that title statement back and ask for forgiveness.

Timothy Tebow is a great story. Sure he has plenty of haters, but most of Americans either love him, or are just plain sick and tired of hearing non-stop coverage about the kid. (put me in that bucket)

While some may have sincerely thought God was playing a role in the wins/losses of Mr. Tebow, truth is, God has much bigger items to consume his time. Which is exactly what we saw when a powerhouse team like the Patriots absolutely embarrassed the Bronco’s in their 45-10 victory.

It was a good run for Tebow’s Broncos, but in the words of Sir Charles Barkley “our long national nightmare is now over”. Time let’s focus on some elite QB play and more games like the 49ers/Saints.

Can I get a AMEN? Oh wait….

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