Roger Goodell Participates In Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”. Answers Questions About Bounty Gate, A Raise for Rich Eisen and Socks.

Reddit is one of those communities that when you post something, you’re not sure if the community is going to eat you alive or praise you for an eternity.

So when the NFL Commish Roger Goodell decided to participate in chat called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), it was eyebrow raising because you assumed the internet trolls would be in full force.

Questions like “if  given the chance, would you redo the Bounty Gate punishments” and “how do you justify Tom Brady’s ninja kick $10k fine when Frank Gore was fined $500 more for low socks” were asked among a few not so great and some downright classless moments.

Check out some of the best moments during the AMA after the jump…

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This is great solely for the reason of Goodell responding to someone with a username of “Mo Monkey P*ssy”

MO_MONKEY_PUSSY_4_ME  Do you believe you mishandled the Bountygate investigation in any way? If you had a second chance, would you take any different actions?

NFL_Commish We removed bounties from the game. Bounties won’t be part of football. That’s good for everyone involved. In the future, I hope that everyone–commissioners, coaches, players and the union–will work better collectively to ensure the safety of the game and enforcement of our rules. The safety of our game is a shared responsibility.



“I notice I’m getting a lot of questions about socks”

HeLiX_C  Hi Roger, you’re awesome for doing this AMA!! Just one tough question for you. How do you feel about Tom Brady being fined 10K for that intentional kick while he slid to the ground after Frank Gore had just been fined 10.5K for wearing his socks too low? I understand dress code is not something that can be taken lightly, but there has got to be a better format for the fines right?

NFL_Commish I notice there are a lot of questions on socks. This is a matter initially judged by a former player at the game called the Uniform Inspector. It is part of our effort to look and act professional at all times. There is a standard fine for violations that our Football Operations department issues on a routine basis. This is a system that was put in place in the 60s and has served us well.



On Bounty Gate punishments and if they will remain unchanged…

vinnyv18 Any chance the Saints get back their 2nd round pick for this years draft?

NFL_Commish No, the penalty will continue to include the 2nd round draft choice in 2013.



Goodell hilariously accuses the wife NFL Network’s Rich Eisen of trying to solicit a raise for her husband

jdi_nit: Just how important is Rich Eisen to the NFL Network and shouldn’t he get a raise?

NFL_Commish Thanks for your question, Mrs. Eisen! We are proud of the work Rich does on the NFL Network. It has been gratifying to see the growth and success of the Network, which he is a big part of.



Goodell dropping some historical knowledge on traumatic injury in the NFL

Loate  I was curious about what you thought on the role of traumatic injury in the NFL, and the dichotomy between making the game safer versus giving the fans the hard hits and satiated bloodlust they so clearly desire. It seems to me that a lot of the popularity of the game boils down to the fact that there is that risk of injury, so I guess what I’m essentially asking is how are you going to balance that going forward without people feeling like you’re never going to give them up, or never going to let them down?

NFL_Commish The game of football has always been tough and always will be. Even before the NFL was founded, President Teddy Roosevelt called the college presidents in to make sure that the safety issues of the game were addressed since there had been 17 deaths in 1905 alone. From there came the first and ten, forward pass and the inception of the NCAA. Since then, the game has flourished while sticking to the fundamentals of fair and competitive football. Our football coaches and executives wanted to bring the game back to the fundamentals of tackling and blocking. We have seen some of the best NFL football in our history during this season’s playoffs. Hope we finish with another great one on Sunday.

Goodell expects to see changes in low blocks on defenders

Pixelpaws What’s a rule currently in place in the NFL that you expect to change within the next couple of years? What’s a rule NOT in place that you think needs to be implemented?
NFL_Commish We’re reevaluating all low blocks on defenders. I would anticipate that there will be changes in this area. These rules are studied very carefully by the Competition Committee, which is made up of GMs, owners and coaches, including with input from the players, and then voted on by the full membership. The reason they get such careful analysis is to make sure we understand the unintended consequences of any rule changes, and that they can be officiated with consistency. For more on the history of our rules changes,


Goodell tells us how he managed that brotastic handshake of his

douche_bigalo Did you practice this handshake for many hours? How has your street cred improved since said handshake?
NFL_Commish When I met with the players the day before the draft, Melvin asked if I would give him a special handshake. He showed it to me and then we practiced one time. It was fun, glad I didn’t screw it up for Melvin.


And then there were comments like this:

IAMAvelociraptorAMAA You ever drink Baileys from a shoe?

New_Orleans_Saints     I just have one thing to say.

zxlkho Who would you rather fine: 100 duck-sized James Harrisons or 1 James Harrison-sized duck?

joewaffle1 How do we impeach you?


The funny thing about doing an AMA is that you never know what kind of comments you are going to get which makes someone like Roger Goodell an easy target. Such is the case when you open Pandora’s box otherwise known as the internet.

This was a great forum for the Commish to reach out to the fans of his product and it’s something that no other commissioner of any other major sport has done.  He obviously didn’t get to respond to all 5k+ comments (including mine…Grrrrr) but he showed off his intellectual, business and funny side which was great to see.



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